Sapor RDA by Wotofo Review

Sapor RDA by Wotofo

About a week and a half ago I received a few Sapor RDAs directly from Wotofo. I have been using this dripping atomizer everyday since and have been pretty satisfied with it. The Sapor RDA does offer some pretty cool features. WHERE TO PURCHASE: FEATURES: 22mm Diameter  Wide Bore ...

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MOD TIPS #04 – Custom Enclosures for Box Mods

Custom Enclosures for Box Mods

WHERE TO BUY:  or If you have been following the box mod scene, you will notice that most modders use Hammond style project boxes for their enclosures. These Hammond boxes are great for building box mods. They are durable, inexpensive, and easily attainable. There are, however, two issues ...

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Twisted Messes RDA Review

Twisted Messes RDA

If you have been following my YouTube channel, you might notice that there has been no atomizer review videos up until now. Although I do have quite of few atomizers in my vape stash, I’ve never really felt the need/want to make a video. There is just too many atomizers ...

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Pre-Made Coils by Crazy Twists

Pre-made Coils

So we’ve all seen them! You know, those crazy ass coil builds shown all over Instagram and YouTube. They all have really crazy names too, like “Caterpillar Track Coils”, “Staggered Fused Clapton Coils”, and “Parallel Spiral Twist Coils.” All these coils take months of practice to perfect the build. It ...

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Papabewi E-Juice Review

Papabewi E-juice

This is officially my first e-juice review and what better juice to review than my current all day vape. What I have here today is an e-juice named “Papabewi” and it’s a fantastic e-juice from a local San Diego vape shop called Vape Aura. If you are in the San ...

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Slam Cap for Tugboats

Slam Caps for Tugboat

The Tugboat v1 was the very first authentic high-end atomizer that I purchased. I was completely in love with this rda at the time. But if you follow vape trends, then you know that new innovations come out almost monthly. This was the problem I had with the Tugboat. Soon ...

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