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Best Vape Starter Kits for Beginners


Best Vape Starter Kits 2015


This past year was pretty incredible for the vaping industries. New products kept popping up every month or so.

As a reviewer, it was difficult to keep up with the newest trends and popular items that hit the market. I can’t imagine how tough it would be for a new vaper to decide which products to try.

One great thing for the noobies was that there were so many GREAT products to choose from.

When I first started vaping in 2008, the product selection we had were awful and just pure junk but they did get us interested in vaping. These days, it’s easier than ever to find a product that works and works well. Deciding on which one is the hard part.

What I’m going to try to do in this article is to break down some of the best vape starter kits that came out in 2015. These will be purely based on my opinion, and some may disagree, but you can’t go wrong with any of the items listed here.

Here is my top list in no particular order

eVic VTC Mini 60w

eVic VTC MiniThe eVic VTC Mini was a huge hit for both new vapers and veterans to the vape game. It delivered a good deal of power in such a small package.  With this starter kit, you received both the VTC Mini device as well as an EGO One mega tank.

The VTC Mini is powered by just a single 18650 battery and could deliver up to 60 watts of regulated power. This max wattage can also be upgraded to 75 watts by hooking the device up to your computer and doing a software update.

This device also gave many vapers the opportunity to experience a temperature control vape which previously could only be found on more expensive counterparts.

This is a great starter kit because it comes with everything you would need to start vaping, except the 18650 battery to power the unit.

Both the mod itself and the included tank will absolutely satisfied the majority of vapers.

Eleaf iStick 60w TC

iStick 60 TCThe entire iStick lineup has been very popular in the vape market for a while now especially for beginners. Eleaf has been able to provide quality devices for incredibly low prices. They have definitely been delivering a lot of value for the budget vapers.

This iStick 60w TC is powered by a single 18650 (not included) and has an output of up to 60 watts. The starter package also comes with a Melo 2 sub ohm tank.

With the device and tank, Eleaf has everything you need to get up a running.

The iStick 60w TC version has been completely redesigned from the previous iStick offerings. The redesigned included softer curves which gave it better ergonomics that feels very comfortable in the hands.

A very convenient addition to the iStick is the magnetic battery door. This made switching out batteries a simple and quick routine.

The Melo 2 sub ohm tank is a huge plus to this package. It has a stainless steel construction with adjustable airflow and uses replaceable vertical coils. The Melo tank was a very popular tank in itself, but including the tank in the starter package makes this a really great deal.

Also just like the above eVic VTC Mini, the Eleaf iStick 60w includes temperature control mode.

Kanger Subox Mini

Kanger Subox MiniWhen the Kanger Subox Mini starter kit hit the market, I was immediately drawn to it. It was compact, looked super sexy, and included the rebuildable Kanger Subtank Mini.

This quickly became the vape starter kit that I would recommend to new vapers asking me for advice.

The Subox is a 50 watt device and is powered by a single 18650 battery. It also has the capabilities of firing coils as low as 0.3 ohms.

Although 50 watts is slightly lower than others in the same category, it still should provide plenty of power for most new and old vapers.

The included Kanger Subtank Mini was also hugely popular for those looking for sub ohm tanks. Kanger was one of the first to offer sub ohm tanks and was really going head to head with Aspire battling for the top spot.

The Kanger Subox Mini does not offer temperature control like to the kits mentioned above, however, I do not consider that as a negative in any way.

Temperature control can be difficult to understand as a beginner vaper. Most noobs just want to get vaping and off cigarettes as quickly as possible. Temperature control is by no means mandatory to accomplish that goal.

Even to this day, I still prefer straight wattage over temperature control.

Eleaf iJust 2

Eleaf iJust 2The above 3 vape starter kits are all categorized as regulated “box mod” style devices. However, I know many new vapers are not comfortable with the idea of using a box mod. Many of you like to start off with a traditional styled tube mod. If that sounds like you, than Eleaf has a solution.

The Eleaf iJust 2 is an unregulated tube style starter kit. Unregulated basically means that you are using the full power of your battery instead of being able to adjust the wattage up or down. As the battery drains and loses power, the quality of your vape will start to diminish as well.

The iJust 2 tube has a built in 2600 mAH battery which is rechargeable with the included USB cable. This battery should last you most, if not all, of the day. Allowing you to recharge it during the night.

The kit also includes a replaceable coil atomizer tank that can hold 5.5 ML of e-juice. Having this much e-juice in your tank is very convenient and reduces the amount of refills that you would have to do.

If you are looking for a basic and painless vape to start with, the Eleaf iJust 2 starter kit is a really solid choice.

Ego One

Ego OneSimple is the name of the game here. Just like the Eleaf iJust 2, this Ego One Mega starter kit is for those looking for an easy way to start vaping.

There’s no screens to look at, no menu to fumble through, and no buttons to adjust. It’s just plain simple.

The Ego One is an unregulated battery tube with a 2200 mAH capacity which is slightly lower than the iJust 2. The starter kit comes with both battery tube and an atomizer tank, all you have to do is provide the e-juice.

The atomizer tank has an e-juice capacity of 2.4ml which may need to be refilled throughout the day. The atomizer does, however, include 2 extra coil heads. One being 0.5 ohms and the other coming in at 1 ohm. For a new vaper, these coil heads should work out great.

Years ago, the original Joyetech Ego line helped so many smokers get off cigarettes and the new and improved Ego One starter kit is looking to do the same.

Final Thoughts

Like I mentioned in the beginning, 2015 was a crazy year for the vape market. So many great products came out that year and has made vaping stronger than ever.

It can be tough, even for the experienced vaper, to choose one product over the other.

The above 5 vape starter kits are products that I personally recommend to people when they ask for suggestions and advice on how to start vaping.

It doesn’t matter if you make your decision based on price, performance, or aesthetics, all of the products above are fantastic starter kits to get you vaping.


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