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Black Copper Stingray Clone

With the popularity of the Phantom Brass Stingray, the Black Copper Stingray was sure to be another hit.

Looking into the clone market, it was somewhat known that Infinite was the clone manufacturer to look for. Infinite produced a very high quality replica of the Phantom Brass version, so one would assume the Black Copper Stingray clone from them would be just as good. The hunt was on!

I search high and low to find a retailer for this Infinite clone but all vendors seemed to only take pre-orders at the time. None had them in stock until I made a search on eBay.

There was one eBay seller claiming to have the INFINITE clone in stock and ready to ship. So without hesitation, I quickly placed my order.

After just a couple days I received my order, however I quickly became extremely disappointed. Clearly marked on the packaging was the logo of the manufacturer called Skorite. Yep that’s right! This was not an Infinite product.

I notified the seller and he quickly apologized and offered full refund and shipping costs. So at the end of the day, I didn’t lose out on anything.

However since I had this Skorite clone in my hands, I figured I would make a quick review video of the quality and differences of this product.

Overall, it was a pretty poor quality clone.

In the above video, I will show you in detail of what to expect from this clone.

It came down to squeaky threads, a seized 510 center pin, and a sloppy made switch. If you have the option, I would skip the Skorite clone and head straight towards an actual Infinite clone.

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