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Colonial Mod by Mad Industries

So a few months back I did a review of the Penny Mod by Mad Industries. Well the guys at Mad Industries have done it again!

I met up with Doug and his team to check out their newest mod, the Colonial Mod. This mod will take the market by storm at a very affordable price tag.

This USA made AUTHENTIC mod will retail for around $100!!! This is currently unheard of for a USA manufactured device.

The Colonial Mod is an 18650 tube machined out of billet aluminum. It features a hard anodized coating that comes in several colors and available in both matte and gloss finishes.

Both the 510 connector and switch feature copper pins to ensure great conductivity. What is really special about this mod is its switch.

The switch itself is not only recessed but it’s also concaved. This is a very interesting design that makes this switch one of my all-time favorite switches to use. It’s very comfortable and prevents accidental fires at the same time.

Another great design about the switch is that is integrated into the body tube. Meaning the battery tube and switch do not separate. They are one solid piece of aluminum. This eliminates threading on the switch which could result in voltage drop.

Overall the Colonial mod is hard to resist. With its great design and incredible price point, it will be very difficult for stores to keep these in stock.

I would say pick one up if you can!



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