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MOD TIPS #01 – What is Flux?

Whenever you do any type of soldering, it is always recommend to use some flux. What is flux you might ask? What flux does is remove any oxidation, corrosion, or dirt on the surfaces that you are about to solder. This will give you a better surface to work with and provide a better connection.

Now there are few different forms of flux that you can get. There is gel, paste, and also liquid. Either way they all serve the same purpose, it just depends on what you prefer.

The flux that I prefer is the MG Chemicals gel flux. It comes in a very handy syringe and makes application extremely easy. All you have to do is apply it to the contact prior to soldering.

In the above video, I have two 16g wires twisted together. Just simply apply the flux on to the wire. You don’t need a lot of flux but you want to apply a good even coverage.

After application, just apply heat with your soldering and tin the wires with solder. As you touch your iron to the wire, the flux vaporizes and flows throughout the wire. At the same time, it allows the solder to flow throughout the connection. This will give you a very solid joint that should last you a very long time.

As you can see in the video, if applied correctly, you will have an extremely strong connection. Hopefully this article answers the questions, “what is flux?”

Well that’s my quick MOD TIP of the day, just go out there and start modding.

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