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MOD TIPS #02 – How to Drill Holes for Box Mods

MOD TIPS #02: How to Drill Holes for Box Mods

A very common question I get asked is “how do you drill the holes for your box mods?”

Now if you have seen my box mod tutorial videos, you will know that I have built quite a few box mods. I have used everything from standard drill bits and dremel tools, all the way to even hand filing the enclosures.

Out of everything that I have used, the best tool that I have found to drill holes in box mods is a simple tool called a “Step Drill Bit”. The kit that I purchased came with 3 drill bits.

What’s great about step drill bits is that will one single bit, you can drill out several different size holes. This is perfect for drilling out 510 connectors, potentiometers, and pushbutton fire switches.

I’ll go over a few common size holes to help you will your project.

  • Standard 510 Connector = 11/32 hole
  • Fat Daddy 510 Connector = 7/16 hole
  • Potentiometer = 3/8 hole
  • 12mm Fire Switch = 1/2 hole

All of these hole sizes can be achieved with the supplied step drill bits.

The first thing you want to do is mark out the placement of the holes that you plan on drilling. Next make a small pilot hole on your mark. This is to ensure that your drill does not move around when using the step drill bit.

I then like to place some tape around the bit to easily see when your desired hole size has been met. A drill press will ensure and straight and clean hole, however this can easily be achieved with a hand drill as well.

That’s pretty much all there is to it!

Getting all the proper size holes for your box mods cannot be any simpler. Again, with one step drill bit you can now drill out practically all the necessary holes needed to complete your box mod project.



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