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MOD TIPS #03 – Fat Daddy vs Varitube Spring Loaded 510 Connectors

One of the best upgrades you can do for any box mod is to install a spring loaded 510 connector. Two of the most popular aftermarket 510 connectors are the Fat Daddy 510 and the Varitube 510.

Now I wouldn’t go as far as saying that one is superior to the other. They are actually both pretty similar to each other and the installation process is almost identical.

One of the biggest differences you will notice between the Fat Daddy and Varitube is the thickness of the top base. The Fat Daddy 510 is much thicker than the Varitube. There are newer versions of the Fat Daddy 510, however, the one shown in the video is probably the most common version that you will see.

Having a thicker or thinner top base is mostly personal preference. Although if you are building your box mod out of a less heat resistant enclosure, like plastic, it may be a better decision to go with a thicker base. This is because the thicker base of the Fat Daddy 510 could help absorb the high heat given off by the atomizer and help prevent melting your enclosure.

Both the Fat Daddy and Varitube install in a similar fashion. Both contain a housing that is removable from the top base. This housing contains the positive pin, a spring, and a bottom cap.  The Fat Daddy also includes a small O-ring.

To wire this, you want to first solder your wire to the positive pin. Place the positive pin back into the housing, slide your spring onto your wire and back into its housing, then take your bottom cap and screw it back onto the housing. From there, you can now screw the whole housing back to the metal top base.

It’s as easy as that!

With such a simple installation process, there is no reason for you to exclude a spring loaded 510 in to your box mod project. Both the Fat Daddy and Varitube 510s are easy ways to upgrade your box mod.


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