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MOD TIPS #05 – How to Hydro Dip for Box Mods

DippingLast year I made a video tutorial on how to build a DNA box mod and that video got a ton of views. Well in that video, I showed you my customized enclosure.

I was able to achieve that custom paint job with a method called Swirl Painting. I also made a very detailed video showing all of you how you can swirl paint and I have seen many box mods using that technique.

However since that video, a new way to customize box mod enclosures have been gaining in popularity. This new method is known as Hydro Dip.

You can achieve some really cool designs with hydro dipping. The 3 designs that I chose was a wood grain finish, a sticker bomb design, and also the popular carbon fiber pattern.

Now I am not going to go into too much detail teaching you how to hydro dip in this MOD TIP. Although If this is something you care interested in learning how to do, I have a very detailed step by step tutorial on how to hydro dip. This video is featured on my other YouTube channel.

Basically with hydro dipping, instead of using paint, you use a film with a very high quality graphic printed on it.

This film is then placed in a container and floats on top of water. Like swirl painting, you then submerge your box mod enclosure into the water. The image is then transferred over on to the enclosure.

This is a great advantage over swirl painting because you can get a very detailed image onto your enclosure instead of just random paint patterns.

After the image has transferred on to the enclosure all that is left is to clear coat. You are then left with a very cool enclosure for all your box mods.

Hydro dipping your box mod will definitely make your product stand out from the crowd. Most modders are still using run of the mill Hammond project boxes.

Again, if you would like to see the full hydro dip tutorial, you can view it on my other channel.

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