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Penny Mod by Mad Industries

Copper mods have been all the craze lately and I was trying hard to figure out which to get. The deciding factor for me was appearance, uniqueness, and most of all the switch.

So what did I decide on?

I went ahead and purchased the Penny Mod by Mad Industries. It was literally a 45 minute drive to one of the few brick and mortars that had them still in stock. I ended up with serial number 101!

The Penny Mod is a full copper construction and features a real U.S. Penny press fitted into the switch. With everything being made of copper, this was sure to be a very hard hitter.

The quality of machining was outstanding. Every thread was buttery smooth and the laser etch engravings were top notch. The recessed spring loaded switch was a pleasure to use as well.

There was not many downsides to the Penny Mod. If I were to pick out one negative, it would be the adjustable 510 connection. Although the 510 does work flawlessly, the center adjustable pin was a tad too long for many of my atomizers.

The issue with the extra-long center pin was that this caused atomizers to not sit flush but instead have a slight gap. All you would need to do to correct this problem was to lightly sand down the center pin. Since the pin is made of copper, sanding was not very difficult.

This was a very simple fix but I felt the end consumer should not have to modify their brand new product.

Another issue people may have is the reversed threaded switch. The actual housing of the switch needs to be turned clockwise to remove from the tube. This took time to get use to but it was something I grew to like. Others might feel differently.

Overall this is a great mod and I am happy with my purchase. I have personally met the guys at Mad Industries and they are super cool dudes. They definitely care about customer service and will ensure you are satisfied with there you products.



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