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Pre-Made Coils by Crazy Twists

So we’ve all seen them! You know, those crazy ass coil builds shown all over Instagram and YouTube. They all have really crazy names too, like “Caterpillar Track Coils”, “Staggered Fused Clapton Coils”, and “Parallel Spiral Twist Coils.”

All these coils take months of practice to perfect the build. It truly is an art form. These coil builders spent countless hours and effort to master their skill.

But what if I told you that you can get all these crazy coil builds pre-made?

Well I’ve been in contact with a coil builder that goes by the name of Crazy Twists and he sells pre-made coils. He was generous enough to send me a few of his builds to try out.

All of his pre-made coils are packaged in sets of two, which means you can run each package in a dual coil setup. He also allows different options and you can even select what ohm ratings you prefer.

Installation of these coils are the same as with any standard coil build. Simply stick the coils through the post holes of your atomizer, tighten down the screws, snip the ends of the wires, and repeat on the other side for a dual coil setup.

Staggered Fused Clapton Coils

Staggered Fused ClaptonThese coils are made with 24g or 26g Kanthal A1 x 34g Kanthal A1 with 5 or 6 wraps. The type of wire used and the number of wraps depends on what ohm resistance you are looking for.

I chose package 1 which uses 6 wraps of 26g x 34g Kanthal. Each coil has an ohm rating of around 0.40 ohms on each coil. So when running these in a dual coil setup, I will get an overall ohm reading of around 0.20 ohms. Which is exactly how I typically run my standard coils.

The atomizer I used in the video for these coils was the new Twisted Messes RDA. These coils fire up quickly and provides exactly flavor. Probably my favorite set of coils that I received.

Caterpillar Track Coils

Caterpillar Track CoilYou can see where the name of this coil comes from just by looking them. The coils themselves looks like the tracks left behind by Caterpillar tractors.

These coils are made with 10 strands of 30g or 32g Kanthal wrapped with 32g Kanthal A1 wire. Again, the gauge of wire used will be determined by the desired ohm resistance rating of each coil.

I also went with package 1 on these pre-made coils. This consists of 10 strands of 32g wrapped with 32g Kanthal wire with a total of 5 wraps. The ohm rating on each coil reads out at around 0.39 ohms, so in a dual coil setup I should get around 0.195 ohms.

These coils are thick, which will have a slightly longer ramp up time. It provides a cooler vape but still maintains great flavor.

The atomizer I used with these coils was the CLT3 RDA by Infinite.

Parallel Spiral Twist Coils

Parallel Spiral TwistThese are probably the craziest looking coils out of the bunch. They are made with a combination of Clapton coils and Twisted Micro coils.

Now keep in mind that these coils are ran in parallel, which means you will get pretty low ohm readings. This is why I decided to run only a single coil setup.

The coils themselves are built with 3 strand 28g Kanthal, 4 strand 30g Kanthal, and 26g GPLAT wire with a total of 4 wraps. Each coil will have a resistance rating at around 0.20 ohms.

As you can see in the video above, these coils fire up very quickly. They will provide an extremely warm vape with intense flavor.

These coils definitely deserve the hashtag #coilporn.

The atomizer I used for this coil was the Hobo RDA. It is recommended to use an atomizer with at least 2.5mm post holes. Fitting these into the Hobo RDA was tight but possible.

Final Thoughts

Overall I am very satisfied with these crazy coil builds. I finally get to use the same coils that I see all over Instagram and YouTube. I may not have the talent or the time to build these coils but I’m glad that these pre-made coils can be offered to the public.

I think this is a really cool idea and allows vapers to tryout different coil setups even if they can’t build it themselves.

So if you want to pick some of these coils up, go ahead and visit Crazy Twist’s Store.

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