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Slam Cap for Tugboats

The Tugboat v1 was the very first authentic high-end atomizer that I purchased. I was completely in love with this rda at the time. But if you follow vape trends, then you know that new innovations come out almost monthly.

This was the problem I had with the Tugboat. Soon after purchasing the Tugboat v1, new atomizers started hitting the market.

These new atomizers had copper positive pins for better conductivity, 3 piece barrel designs with adjustable airflow, and reduced chambers that produced better flavors and a warmer vape. With all these new atomizers now available, the Tugboat unfortunately, started spending time on the shelf.

Now there was a release of the Tugboat v2 that had all the improvements I just mentioned. However, even with the updated features, I was just not a fan of the adjustable airflow design. I didn’t like how you had to align the two small air holes on each side.

So recently I picked up a replacement top cap for the Tugboat called the “Slam Cap”. This new additional has completely re-ignited my passion for this rda. The Tugboat went from spending time on the shelf into being part of my everyday vape.

The Slam Cap has very basic design but it definitely breathes new life into an outdated rda. The first thing that you will notice is how small the cap really is, especially when compared the stock top cap of the Tugboat v1. The Slam Cap does fit on both version 1 and version 2 of Tugboats.

Now this reduced chamber significantly improves the warmth of vape and gives you that intense flavor that we are all looking for.

You can only run dual coils with the Slam Cap, which is perfectly fine with me. The Slam Cap features 3 air holes drilled in an upside down triangle pattern on each side of the cap. These air holes provides plenty of air flow but also gives off just the right amount of restriction.

The top cap also has a built in shorty drip tip. The wide bore on the drip tip makes dripping extremely easy. There really is no need to pop of the cap to re-drip.

Now there is a possible downside to the short built in drip tip. Depending on how hot your coil build is, the drip tip can get a little warm. A simple solution to this problem would be to pop on one of your standard drip tips. This will keep your lips nice and cool.

I did purchase this Slam Cap from a local vape shop here in San Diego but you can easily get these from online stores as well. The standard price for a single Slam Cap should be around $35 to $40.

Overall, I am incredibly satisfied with this new top cap. It has brought the Tugboat back into my everyday vape.

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