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Twisted Messes RDA Review

Twisted Messes RDAIf you have been following my YouTube channel, you might notice that there has been no atomizer review videos up until now. Although I do have quite of few atomizers in my vape stash, I’ve never really felt the need/want to make a video.

There is just too many atomizers with too many similarities, and to be honest, many are over hyped and overpriced. The vape market is just too saturated with atomizers especially in the rebuildable dripper category.

Well a few weeks ago I came across the Twisted Messes RDA and I felt that this would be the perfect first RDA review video. This RDA, although not revolutionary, offers a lot of desirable features at a very respectable price tag. The retail value of this rebuildable atomizer should be around $60.

What’s in the Box?

Twisted Messes PackagingNothing really stands out when you first look at the packaging, everything seems pretty standard. However when you open it up, the first thing that you will notice is how much stuff is included in this kit.

The Twisted Messes RDA includes two different colored Air Flow Control sleeves. Pre-installed is the standard stainless steel sleeve but it also has a very great looking blue sleeve that you can interchange. In addition to this, you get three different types of drip tips.

Pre-installed is a one piece wide bore stainless steel chuff style drip tip. You can easily see your coil and wicks from the top of this tip, making dripping extremely easy. You can also change this out to a delrin wide board drip tip and can even use a standard size drip tip with the provided drip tip adapter.

This RDA also includes a goodie bag of spare parts. Inside the bag you will find spare O-rings, spare screws, and pretty much everything that you will need. I truly feel more manufactures should provide spare parts like this, especially when the price tag starts climbing towards the hundreds.

Design and Features

Twisted Messes SleeveWhen looking at the atomizer itself, you can see that this is a four piece design. As mentioned earlier, you have interchangeable Air Control Sleeves. This RDA also has very large horizontal air slots which can be ran in either dual coil or single coil setups.

You can really get a very wide open draw with the air slots completely unblocked. But if you prefer a tighter stiffer draw, you can definitely achieve this by closing off the slots. This RDA is very suitable for both cloud chasers as well as flavor chasers.

Now let’s look at the deck, this is where I feel this atomizers really shines and is what originally sparked my interest in the Twisted Messes RDA.

What you have is a four post hole design with a positive center block. You have to check out these post holes! Each post hole measures in at 2.8mm which will make fitting thicker gauge wire a breeze. For all you crazy coil builders out there, the Twisted Messes RDA has the perfect build deck.

Twisted Messes Build DeckThe Twisted Messes RDA was used in my previous article titled “Pre-Made Coils by Crazy Twists”. Check out that article if you want to see how easy it is to build on this deck.

Let’s not forget the super deep juice well. The juice well measures in at 6mm deep. This means you can stuff a ton of wick in the well to ensure that your coils are consistently saturated. I personally always look for a really deep juice well when buying a new RDA and this atomizer definitely has it.

Each post is fitted with hex style grub screws. I know there are some vapers out there that do not like these but I beg to differ. I actually prefer grub screws because I have found that they do not tend to back out as much as regular screws. An allen wrench is included in this kit for your convenience.

One final thing to mention is that the positive center pin is silver plated brass. This means you will always get great conductivity whether you are using a mechanical mod or a regulated box mod like I show in the above video.

Overall Thoughts

There is really not much more I can say about the Twisted Messes RDA. This really is a solid choice if you are in the market for a new RDA. I would go as far as saying that this RDA is probably the best valued authentic RDA out right now. With its build quality, its price, and all the features that it includes, this RDA is a no brainer. I would definitely recommend it.

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