Best Vape Brands in 2019

In the last few years, the vaping landscape has been revolutionized radically. The market is filled with so many vape products from different brands which make it difficult for a vaper to identify the best vaping devices, best vape juices, best vape subscription boxes and best vape mods. To help you identify and find a […]

Penny Mod by Mad Industries

Copper mods have been all the craze lately and I was trying hard to figure out which to get. The deciding factor for me was appearance, uniqueness, and most of all the switch. So what did I decide on? I went ahead and purchased the Penny Mod by Mad Industries. It was literally a 45 […]

How To Build a DNA Box Mod Guide

Alright I know you are all really excited about this! Today I am going to show you how to build your very own DNA box mod. The cool thing about building your own box mod is that you can customize it any way you like. As you will see in this video, I completed a […]

How to Build an OKR Box Mod Guide

The OKR-T10 box mod is one powerful device, this tiny chip allows you to adjust the voltage between 3.4 to 6 volts. Best of all, this box mod is relatively easy and inexpensive to build. As always, I’m going to show you exactly how to build one. IMPORTANT: I do regularly stock these kits but […]

How to Build OKL T20 Box Mod Guide

I know many of you have built your OKR T/10 box mods that I showed you several months ago. But with everything in the vape market, we want bigger and stronger. That is exactly what describes this OKL T20 box mod. This build has the ability to handle 20 amps, which means roughly 110 watts […]

What is Flux?

Whenever you do any type of soldering, it is always recommend to use some flux. What is flux you might ask? What flux does is remove any oxidation, corrosion, or dirt on the surfaces that you are about to solder. This will give you a better surface to work with and provide a better connection. […]

How to Drill Holes for Box Mods

MOD TIPS #02: How to Drill Holes for Box Mods A very common question I get asked is “how do you drill the holes for your box mods?” Now if you have seen my box mod tutorial videos, you will know that I have built quite a few box mods. I have used everything from […]

Fat Daddy vs Varitube Spring Loaded 510 Connectors

 One of the best upgrades you can do for any box mod is to install a spring loaded 510 connector. Two of the most popular aftermarket 510 connectors are the Fat Daddy 510 and the Varitube 510. Now I wouldn’t go as far as saying that one is superior to the other. They are actually both pretty […]