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Best Rebuildable Atomizers of 2015

Best of Rebuildable Atomizers

This vape buying guide for the best rebuildable atomizers of 2015 will be extremely difficult to write. So many great rebuildables came out this past year and it will be tough to pick out my favorites.

I already know there will be many vapers who disagree with this list, but it will be undeniable that all the atomizers listed here are all top notch. I am basing my choices by innovation, performance, as well as the value for your money.

Let’s get right to it!

Velocity RDA

Velocity RDAThe Velocity RDA is well known as one of the best rebuildable atomizer to hit the market. This RDA was a collaboration between Cisco and Dino and featured one of the most innovative 2 post deck design.

This is truly a versatile atomizer that caters to both cloud chasers and flavor chasers. There are endless options for adjusting air flow so you can dial in the correct amount for your needs.

With the 2 post design, there is no limit to what coil builds you can fire up in this atomizer. Standard dual coils all the way up to exotic builds will easily fit in this deck. You can have all the coil porn that you like.

The Velocity RDA easily makes the list for best atomizer of 2015, but it also comes at a hefty price tag.

Sapor RDA

Sapor RDAThe Sapor RDA brings a lot of bang for the buck and has made it on most reviewers top atomizers list. At such an affordable price, there’s no reason not to have one of these in your vape rotation.

I have a full review video explaining opinions  and breakdown of the Sapor RDA, but to save you time, I liked it a lot!

This RDA features a minimalist look but gives you the full experience of having a top air flow design. The top air flow design became really popular in 2015 and there’s a good reason for it.

You should expect full flavor from your ejuice but the best part, in my opinion, is there is absolutely no leaking. You can practically drip and drip with no worries of juice leaking out.

Wotofo definitely came out with a winner on the Sapor RDA.

Aeolus RDA V2

Aeolus V2Speaking of top air flow RDAs, Syntheticloud was one of the first to introduce this unique design to the vape market with their first version of the Aeolus RDA.

The Aeolus RDA V2 features the same quality as the original but with a ton of design improvements.

It has widened the range of airflow configurations to allow up to three times the air flow. More air equals more clouds! On top of that, there are additional smaller air holes and a shorter barrel to give you improved flavors out of your ejuice.

The deck was also redesigned with an anti-spin squared center post which includes larger post holes that can fit any coils you can imagine. But wait there’s more! The Aeolus V2 also is equipped with 18k Gold plating on the deck, barrel, and top cap to give users a safe vaping experience.

If you are looking for a quality high end atomizers, definitely check out the Aeolus RDA V2.

Tugboat RDA V2

Tugboat V2There’s just something about the Tugboat RDAs that makes me keep coming back to it. I test out quite a few tanks and RDAs from different manufacturers but I also go back to my Tugboats.

The V2 revision of the Tugboat RDA features the same 3 post design with super deep juice wells but it now includes adjustable air flow. The redesign of the top cap allows you to fine tune your air flow by adjusting the dual air holes on each side.

There were a few center post versions of the Tugboat V2. You may find versions with a stainless steel, copper, or even gold plated center posts.

What is also great about the Tugboat RDAs is that there are several aftermarket top caps that you can get with it. You can choose between the Anarchist Competition Cap, the Slam Caps, as well as the Square Caps.

When you want a very solid high quality RDA, the Tugboat Rebuildable Atomizer is one that I would highly recommend.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few rebuidable atomizers that stood out to me in 2015. All the RDAs listed above have been very popular and gets rave reviews.

With the fast paced market, you should definitely expect a constant flood of new atomizers to hit the vape market. With new products hitting the shelves every month, picking the right product can become overwhelming.

Hopefully this list will at least help you pick a rebuidable atomizer that has been tried and true.

If you are new to vaping, please check out our article Best Vape Starter Kits to get you up and running.

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