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Hana Modz V3 Review

No doubt that the Hana Modz V3 is one of the most sought after DNA 30 box mods on the market.  Does it live up to all its rave?


  • Custom Billet Aluminum Case
  • 7 to 30 Watts Output
  • 18650 Battery Holder
  • Micro USB Charger
  • Sub Ohm Capabilities (down to 0.3 ohms)
  • 3x Round Tactile Switches (very clicky)


The Hana Modz V3 has been one of my favorite devices to use. This sleek looking box mod comes in a custom billet aluminum case with various color options.

The 3 tactile buttons on the side gives the user a very nice response and has a satisfying clicky feel. These buttons control firing the device and allows the user to select wattage up and wattage down options.

Having 30 watts of vaping power at your finger tips has been a pure dream. Although I do not normally vape at 30 watts, its a great feeling knowing that I can at any moment.

The user replaceable 18650 battery has great battery life that should last you for the most part of the day. To vape at 20 watts and above, Hana Modz recommends the Sony VTC series batteries. These batteries ensures safe vaping at such high wattage.

The Hana Modz V3 also acts as a passthrough with it’s micro usb port. This usb port is also used the recharged the installed 18650 battery, a very convenient way to recharge your battery without removing it from the device.

Overall Thoughts:

The Hana Modz V3 has been a pleasure to use and I have experienced zero issues with this device. The box style design is quite different to the tube design of mechanical mods, but the size of the box is very comfortable to hold and operate.

I have to say that this is one of my favorite mods in my collection. It’s just a SOLID device!

The only real downside to this mod is its availability. It is almost impossible to find this mod for sale, unless you are willing to pay a “flipper’s price”.

If you do come across one though, I would HIGHLY recommend that you pick one up immediately. This is just a great device that everyone should own and experience.

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