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Papabewi E-Juice Review

This is officially my first e-juice review and what better juice to review than my current all day vape.

What I have here today is an e-juice named “Papabewi” and it’s a fantastic e-juice from a local San Diego vape shop called Vape Aura. If you are in the San Diego area, definitely check out this shop because it’s awesome. They have a very friendly and knowledgeable staff and can answer any questions you may have. From newbies to advance vapers, this shop has you covered.

Papabewi is actually one of their house juices, meaning the shop themselves actually makes the juice. It’s a 50/50 PG/VG mix with an amazing tropical fruit flavor. Don’t let the PG/VG ratio deter you. This e-juice definitely produces clouds of vapor.

Papabewi is a papaya fruit mix with a blend of other tropical fruits. It’s tough to pin point exactly what flavors are mixed into this e-juice, but whatever it is, it is definitely working.

On the very first inhale, you are smashed in the face with so much flavor. It’s like taking a giant bite into a fresh and juicy fruit. It truly is a wonderful experience. Like I mentioned, I can’t pin point the exactly what the flavors are, but it keeps me coming back over and over. I stop by Vape Aura at least once a week to replenish my Papabewi stash.

Another great thing about this juice is that it doesn’t gunk up your coils and wicks. I don’t care how amazing an e-juice may taste, if it quickly gunks up my coils, I refuse to vape that juice again. Papabewi is the exact opposite.

I can use the same coil and wick setup for several weeks without needing to replace the wicks or dry burn the coils. This makes it the perfect hassle-free all day vape. When you vape all the juice out of the wicks, your cotton is still left clean and white. Juices that leaves my wicks clean makes me feel better about vaping it.

I can’t praise this e-juice enough, so I’m just going to say that Papabewi is highly recommend.

Stop by Vape Aura or visit their online shop. You won’t regret it!


8055 Clairemont Mesa Blvd Ste 108
San Diego, CA 92111
Phone: (858)366-0777