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XXIX Mod by Bay City Vapor

The XXIX mod was a copper mod I was very excited for!

I was so excited for this mod that I almost did a pre-order… and I HATE pre-orders!!! But I talked myself out of it and decided to patiently wait for my local brick and mortar to have the XXIX in stock.

This mod has a full copper construction, a magnetic switch, and a hybrid styled 510 connection. It’s easy to see why the XXIX mod is one of the hottest copper mods out on the market.

With the hybrid 510 connector, the center pin of the atomizer makes direct contact with the battery resulting in very very very minimal voltage drop. The XXIX is well known as being one of the hardest hitting mods available.

The size of this mod is also very impressive. Held next to a 30 ml bottle of juice, you can see that it is just barely bigger than the bottle. I seriously thought the vape shop handed me the incorrect tube size at first glance. The size of this 18650 mod is really incredibly small compared to all the other mods out there.

As great of a mod this is, there are some downsides.

The main issue I have with this mod is that it requires constant cleaning to avoid misfires. All copper mods require cleaning and maintenance but the XXIX requires more.

After a day or so of use, so much tarnish builds up inside the switch that it causes constant misfires. No other copper mod that I have use is affected by this as much as the XXIX mod.

In the video, I break down the electrical path of this mod and show you why there is so much tarnish build up.

However when clean, this XXIX really is one of the hardest hitting mods out on the market. It is a noticeable difference when using this mod compared to others.

Overall, this is a great mod to have in your collection. Everything about the design makes this mod hard to pass up. You just need to be prepared to clean and maintain the XXIX more than you would any other device. This can become annoying, but the end result of a clean mod is a truly fantastic vape experience.




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